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Welcome to the world's leading supplier of  Video and HD Video in Print - TV in a Card

TV in a Card manufactures and supplies High Definition (HD) video brochures, video folders, video books and video direct mail worldwide. We are the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of video brochures and now supply more than one third of the FTSE TOP 100 COMPANIES. Whether it's in the form of video business cards, video books, video brochures, video folders, video point of sale or video in magazines and other printed material, TV in a Card helps the world’s most recognized brands communicate more effectively with thier audience. 
Screen sizes range from video business cards with 2.4 inch LCD screens through to 4 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch HD screens. We also supply battery powered video point of sale.

We put flat screen TV directly into cards, brochures and magazines. Video in Print grabs attention and helps brands better communicate with their customers.

What’s behind our name? Innovation for clients such as Bentley, Blackberry, the BBC, Formula One, ITV, Carlsberg, Just Cavalli, Rimmel, CK Fashion, St Tropez, Converse, Bacardi, Clarks Shoes, Red Bull, Flikr, Twitter, Yahoo, Mercedes and many, many more household names and innovative new rising stars.

We created the first TV in a Card, for Xerox, which launched the new Xerox Corporation's headquarters in Dubai; we created the first long life battery operated Video Point of Sale unit, for Coty, which played continuously in stores across Europe. We have created the world's first video folders for Pfizer and BMW along with software that allows our clients to remotely access and upload new video content to their devices. Our clients can also monitor consumer behavior patterns to gain valuable insight into their prospective customers. This year we are bringing more new innovations to the market.
The TV in a Card products divisions are split across vertical markets encompassing Automotive video brochures, which we produce for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar Landrover and Mercedes among many others. We produce pharmaceutical video brochures for the likes of Pfizer and GE, we produce sports video brochures across premier league football, england rugby and many others.  Our IT video brochure clients include IBM and Oracle while in Telecoms we make video brochures for Sky and BT. We also produce video memento for the BBC and ITV.
We enjoy making Charity video brochures - we are happy to support charitable projects. We work for the Royal Marsden Hospital alongside many other charities.
We also supply video in magazines for publishing houses in the UK and Europe and video books for private authors. We have a number of video manuals and video presentation packs that we supply to Advertising Agencies, Consultancies and Training Companies including JWT, Saatchi, Deloitte and Prosell
We also supply video business cards for promotional projects and events.
TV in a Card works with a number of clients in banking, finance and insurance to produce financial information in video, companies that include Wesleyan Insurance, Standard Life and JP Morgan.

Our global reach spans offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and South Korea. 
The TV in a Card manufacturing is based in the UK and Asia, with corporate distribution handled in the USA, Dubai (for the Middle East) and South Africa (for TV in a Card Africa)
TV in a Card UK is committed to creating jobs and opportunities worldwide. We believe that TV in a Card UK should be the centre of excellence for innovation in marketing communications. As such we are committed to opportunities that can be funnelled to job-creators in a diverse range of creative industries. We are keen to support the UK Government in any initiatives that can help achieve this.

Seeing is believing

TV in a Card comes in many forms - video business cards, video direct mail. videobrochures, videofolders, video presentation packs, videobooks and video point of sale - and we often keep a few samples aside for emergencies. So if you would like to see a sample of our products with your own video please call us on 020 3732 7588 or email