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Welcome to the world's leading supplier of Video in Print - TV in a Card

TV in a Card invented, manufactures and supplies video direct mail worldwide. We are the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of video cards, and now supply more than one third of the FTSE TOP 100 COMPANIES. Whether it's in the form of video business cards, video books, video brochures, video folders, video point of sale or video in magazines and other printed material, TV in a Card helps the world’s most recognized brands communicate more effectively with thier audience. 

We put flat screen TV directly into cards, brochures and magazines. Video in Print grabs attention and helps brands better communicate with their customers.

What’s behind our name? Innovation for clients such as Bentley, Blackberry, the BBC, Formula One, ITV, Carlsberg, Just Cavalli, Rimmel, CK Fashion, St Tropez, Converse, Bacardi, Clarks Shoes, Red Bull, Flikr, Twitter, Yahoo, Mercedes and many, many more household names and innovative new rising stars.

We created the first TV in a Card, for Xerox, which launched the new Corporations headquarters in Dubai; we created the first long life battery operated Video Point of Sale unit, for Coty, which played continuously in stores across Europe. We have created software that allows our clients to remotely access and upload new video content to their devices, as well as monitor consumer behavior patterns to gain valuable insight into their prospective customers. This year we are bringing more new innovations to the market.

Our global reach spans offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and South Korea. 

Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills on his recent visit to TV in a Card with inevntor, founder and CEO Russell Lawley Gibbs.

TV in a Card is committed to creating jobs and opportunities here in the UK. We believe that the UK should be the center of excellence for innovation in marketing communications. As such we are committed to opportunities that can be funneled to job-creators in a diverse range of creative industries. We are keen to support the UK Government in any initiatives that can help achieve this.